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Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts
Floating StandOff Mounts

Floating StandOff Mounts

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Floating StandOff Mounts


  • Strong lightweight frame system to float rigid graphics off the wall
  • Bottom and Sides use 1” Square aluminum extrusion, top crossbar is 1” Square with built in French cleat receptor
  • Order mounts based on the size of your graphics, mounts will be recessed 3” 
  • Each frame includes 1x French cleat 3” narrower than the width of the frame
  • Square extrusions are silver with light gray plastic molded corners, French cleat mill finish
  • Each frame includes 3” strips of ¾” wide High Bond tape for mounting graphics. Test with your graphic media
  • Ships unassembled
  • Purchase as a complete frame kit (without graphics), or purchase as components
Are you looking for visual display supplies and visual display solutions for the digital image revolution? Whether you’re looking to hang an artist’s creations, roll out print mounts to hotel rooms or in lobbies, elevators and guest rooms, eye popping rigid graphics made from digital prints stand out. These are great for use in retail and restaurant industries as well. The Floating Stand Off Mounts ™ make it easy to display rigid media with a clean, frameless design.  
For aluminum wall mounting, this stand off wall mount is the best solution. It is made from 100% aluminum 1” square aluminum tubing.  Tubes assemble easily with plastic corner brackets included. This sign stand off is lightweight, portable, and easy to ship and assemble.  No special tools are required for assembly but using a rubber mallet may be make assembly easier to connect the tubes and the corner units.   Need a reusable graphic mount? Use hook/loop fastener instead of the high bond tape included and you can use and reuse these mounts.
This floating wall frame comes standard in satin silver for a clean look. We recommend a 3” gap between the graphic and the frame, and the frame creates a 1” gap between the graphic and your wall.  Graphics are mounted with a French cleat using the included French cleat receptor bar.  Whether you need an aluminum panel mount or an aluminum graphic mount, these stand off mounts help artwork and graphics stand out while the hardware disappears behind the print. 
Aluminum stand off mounts are the perfect alternate to plastic standoffs or clear standoffs that can discolor, get dirty or just look too busy, and a better system to roll out than milled blocks.   With this front load aluminum frame, prints are set off the wall creating a shadow effect to add depth, framelessly, with no visible hardware. Our system hangs on the wall with an intrinsic “French Cleat” design giving you a beautiful frameless graphic mount. Artwork, prints and rigid graphics sit beautifully in a frameless look because the graphic cut size is the same as the visible area. All of the graphic is visible, nothing is covered up.
This floating standoff mount is available in four standard sizes including 18” x 18” floating standoff mount, 18” x 30” floating stand off mount, 24” x 34” floating stand off wall mount, 30” x 42” floating standoff wall mount, 42” x 66” oversized floating stand off wall mount.  
If one of these standard sizes does not meet the project requirements, buy custom size floating standoff mounts easily online.  Keep in mind, we recommend hardware to be 3” recessed from the side of your graphic.  The custom dimensions you enter should be your hardware size. 
Floating wall displays are designed to work with rigid graphics.  Use them as a mount for 1/8" thick graphics, a mount for 3mm thick graphics, a mount for 3/16" thick graphics, a mount for .060" thick graphics, or a mount for 1/4" thick graphics.  They a compatible as an ACM Graphic mount, Dibond Graphic mount or Dibond hanging solution.  
These aluminum panel mounts also work with Chromalux panels or dye sublimation panels.  Use this floating wall mount as a Chromalux graphic mount, a Foamcore graphic mount, with printed foamcore wall mount hardware, or as a printed foamcore hanging solution.  They are also compatible as an EPVC graphic mount, Sintra Graphic mount or Coroplast graphic mount,  All units come with 3” strips of high bond tape to attach graphics to the hardware.  
We specialize in custom, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a custom version whether it's:
  • Wall “lockable” Floating Standoff Mounts
  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Brackets
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom confifgurations
  • And much more!
We also offer standoff fixture brackets and accessories to upgrade your existing hanging displays or inquiry about custom floating wall frames

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Product Specifications

Artwork Guideline

Artwork Guidelines & Instructions (If design service is requested, please allow up to seven business days extra for the design process).

Accepted File Formats
• Adobe Illustrator CC (or earlier) - .ai or .eps
• Adobe Photoshop CC (or earlier) - .psd or .tif
1. Photoshop files should be 100-120dpi at full output size.
2. Do not embed color profiles.
3. Provide a layered file.
4. When using stock photography images, be sure to purchase the highest resolution version that your budget will allow.
5. We use CMYK printers to create these graphics. 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible. Differences between colors in the printed and original file can occur at many different stages. Variations in color or shading are often a result of viewing on un-calibrated equipment (monitors, printers, etc). Colors will often appear different when viewed on two different monitors or output devices. Without accurate color information, we have no way of ensuring that expected colors will be achieved.
6. Indicate Pantone Values for all critical colors.
7. An e-proof is provided within 48 hours of artwork approval.

1. Artwork should be submitted the same day the order has been placed to avoid delays.
2. After receiving your file, it will be reviewed within 24 hours for printing requirements. If the file does not meet all necessary requirements, you will be contacted by a representative.
3. If corrections are required, you may make these changes yourself and resubmit the file or choose to have JW Displays make the corrections (if we are able to do so).
4. After the file has been approved we will send a proof for your approval. We will proceed with production/printing only after the proof is approved with a hand signature.
5. Production lead time starts after proof has been approved by the customer.
6. Shipping time starts after production time.

1. Please indicate any special positioning requirements.
2. If using Illustrator convert all fonts to outlines.
3. If using Photoshop rasterize all fonts.
4. If matching Pantone colors please provide a layered file. This allows us to make minor color corrections if necessary.
5. Only send files relevant for output.
6. Art will not be approved unless submitted in our provided template(s). All templates are found under the guidelines page for each product (If one is missing please let us know).
7. File color mode must be CMYK.
8. If using Illustrator embed all images.
9. Hard proofs available for $50 (will add time to the in hand date). If you make changes to your file after the proof is sent, there is a $50 charge (per proof) thereafter.
10. Due to variations in output and viewing devices, we are unable to accept complaints about color variations unless all color matching guidelines have been followed.

1. Please send all files and folders using:
2. Files must be named using your order number (ex: 16001001). You should have received your order number when your order was placed.
3. JW Displays will not address and is not responsible for delays due to improperly named files.
Unable to upload the Artwork?
If you are unable to upload your artwork, feel free to send artwork files via USB drive. Please write your order number on the drive and shipping envelope (JW Displays will not be responsible for returning any USB drives, unless you supply us with a self addressed envelope). Send to: 822 A1A N., Suite 310, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082.

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