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What not to do before a Trade Show


Procrastination Costs You Time and Money and Maybe Your Job! 
Procrastination. It is the biggest mistake you can make in the trade show business. You can be assured the last minute order will cost you in rush charges, increased design fees, and expedited shipping. If you have procrastinated with your trade show display, it's probably you have done so with booth space, hotels and transportation costs.
What about setup time? Everyone rushes about trying to make up for the procrastinator. Blood pressures go up, tempers flare and tension hangs in the atmosphere. No one wants to be in it or around it. If you think it's not affecting your presentation, you are wrong.
You have a great product, but no one is stopping by your display. You cannot hide the fact that your exhibit is bombing. There is nothing more depressing than the silence of an empty booth and knowing that an entire show stretches out in front of you; no promise of turning it around. Frustrated and embarrassed, you end up feeling like a failure because nothing went as planned. Do you start asking yourself, What went wrong? Was it the show you chose to attend? Was it the booth space that was chosen? Did you choose the wrong display? Could your graphics have been better?
Here is the good news, you can turn things around for your next event. Start by getting a hold of the Exhibitor's Kit or Manual, the "trade show bible" to any exhibitor. Anything you could possibly need or want to know is this little gem! You will find all of your forms to be completed for the show, rules regarding displays and exhibits, shipping and handling information and even information for leaving the show (we are here to help you). 
To avoid issues, research and planning is your best defense. Start by creating a project plan with a to-do list, timelines, and contingency plans. Do not be a procrastinator, start working with JW Displays as soon as you know you will be attending. We will help you make an informed decision and choose the right display that best meets your needs. We will double-check the exhibitor timelines for you and help keep you focused and on track. Many of our clients want their displays delivered directly to their offices so they can set them up and check them for any issues. When done early enough, you have peace-of-mind knowing there's more than enough time to resolve anything that might come to your attention.
JW Displays has seen it all. We have the experience and knowledge to help you have a successful show. All it takes is a quick email to get you started.
Thank you,
JW Displays Team! 
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